Our Story

The Hello My Skin story begins with a not-so-fun turn. It was at the moment when I (Tanya) got into a burnout. Being exhausted from very busy work, I ended up not taking care of myself in all aspects (healthy eating, sport, skin care). One of the first things the doctors where trying to help me with, once the burnout started, was how to relax. Apparently, I wasn’t taking time for myself, so we had to associate self-care with relaxation. I was then told I need to do lots of face masks, hair masks or whatever masks and massages, as long as this will bring some peace to my mind and body.


And this is what I actually did, I started to be zen every time I would do a face mask. Then my curious brain started to look into the products I use and wanted to know more about each product, benefits and needs for my skin. I ended up learning more and more and becoming an absolute fan of Korean cosmetics. 

Then I decided to share all my learnings to others, which was well received and ultimately decided to do an online store. Concept Hello My Skin was built together with my supporting partner, Barry, who helped me get out of burnout and encouraged me to become an entrepreneur by doing what I love.


My burnout has ended a while ago, but my love & curiosity for skincare is increasing everyday.


Recently I have decided to team-up with a friend of mine, Sonya, to make Hello My Skin the attractive source of knowledge and products suited best for your skin.

Everything that we sell, we personally test (having different skin types) and if we do not believe in the product, we do not sell it. 

We might also have products on the website that we think they are very good and nice for your skin, but in case you end up not liking them, we would appreciate you honest opinion. If that is a collective opinion, we will discontinue selling that respective product. 

Hence, your opinion is very important to us!


We will do our outmost best to bring you the best skin care for your types of skin or concerns you might have!




Tanya, Sonya & Barry


Fall in love with taking care of yourself ❤️

Why Choose Us

Fast Delivery

We deliver all our product (only if it is on stock in Amsterdam storage) in 48 hours. 

Secure Payment

Pay  direct online with ideal, creditcard or use afterpay. 


You can ask all your questions regarding product and shipment by email or phone.